Turnkey Escape Rooms

Whether you are looking for an Ancient Crypt, Mad Scientist's lab or Super Villain's Secret Lair, Escape Room Catalog can design, create and/or install your Escape Room adventure with time-tested results you can count on! Whether you're a first-time attraction owner or established venue or theme park, look no further. Escape Room Catalog is the ultimate resource for all your Escape Game Needs! Many companies claim to offer “Turn-Key” escape rooms but just send you puzzles and a script. Our team comes to you and installs all the elements of your escape room(s). We provide the scenery, props, puzzles, gameplay and install them in a professional and timely manner We even provide you with pre-shows, game timers and training for your staff! No other company can offer the level of gameplay or production value!

What’s our secret? Attention to detail! We offer:

  • Movie quality sets and scenery.
  • Time tested designs.
  • Gameplay scenarios than our exciting and fun for all ages.
  • We are experienced industry professionals!
  • We have the largest Escape Room Shop in New England.
  • We offer the industry’s most advanced Escape Room games and puzzles.

Most importantly, we own and operate multiple escape rooms ourselves! This gives us a huge advantage over other escape room vendors. We don’t just build Escape Game adventures, we will show you how to run them. It’s one thing to purchase a fancy race car, we’ll show you how drive it over the finish line!

Here are just a few of our designs available:

The Antidote The Contraption Demise Dracula's Tomb The Experiment File X Spellcaster Mission: Star Quest The Outbreak The Specimen Super Hero Adventure Frankenstein Escapes

Looking for a custom escape room design?

We also do custom design and fabrication! Our team of expert designers, craftsmen and fabricators will work directly with you to turn your dreams into a reality! Whether you are looking for a custom puzzle built specifically for you or a complete escape room(s) installation or renovation, contact us first for a quote!